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Personal Protection


Auto Insurance can be one of the most important policies that you can buy. Today almost everybody drives and needs insurance. One of the biggest problems is that with so many different companies out there and different kinds of insurance agents, not everyone has the right amount of liability coverage on their auto. Therefore if they get into an accident they can still lose their assets if they are not protected properly.

As an insurance consultant who has worked in this field for some time as a reputable agent, I have seen many different cases in which clients are extremely underinsured and have no idea what types of liability coverage they have. This is by no means the clients fault. At Adam Insurance Brokerage, I make it my priority to not only make sure my clients have the right amount of coverage in place to cover their assets, but to also educate them on why it is important to have the right coverage in place.

Below is a great example of why you need to make sure you have the right amount of coverage. This graph of Assets Exposed in the Event of Judgment states the average litigation amounts that have been paid in the state of Illinois in the past couple of years. (Notice how they keep increasing year after year.)



Whether it is your home, apartment, or condo, your policy should provide your family with the right coverage to protect them in case of unpredictable circumstances. Those circumstances can occur from anything from fire, heavy windstorms to burglary and vandalism. Along with getting the right coverage for your property, it is important that our clients have the right amount of liability protection to protect their assets from litigation. You need to have the right amount of liability insurance in place in case someone gets hurt on your property and decides to sue you. Please view the graph of Assets Exposed in the Event of Judgment so that you can view the litigation amounts that were paid out in past couple of years for Average Premise Liability.


Umbrella Liability Insurance

View Assets Exposed in the Event of Judgment

Did you know that in 2005 the average litigated vehicle liability award was $406,576 and that the average residence liability award was $541,117? For approximately $200 per year, you can add a $1,000,000 layer of protection that can cover both your auto and your home.


Individual Health/Disability and Life